So how did Sweetgrass Selfies get started? We’ve been asked so many time , we thought it would be a good story to tell…

Once upon a time, there was an avid writer who loved writing novels but hadn’t yet (key word) made the New York Times Bestseller list… and an accomplished nurse practitioner with a daughter in private school.

One day, the nurse-friend heard an advertisement for selfie stations and called the writer-friend.  “Hey, should we get one?” A week later, after said writer and nurse researched selfie stations and photo booths, Sweetgrass Selfies began.

Heather and Crystal are fun, professional owners of Charleston’s premier selfie station/photo booth. The station looks like a tall iPhone, pictures can be printed on a high-resolution printer or uploaded to Social Media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And there are tons of fun props for picture-taking on a fully customize photo template.

Since opening in the fall of 2016, Sweetgrass Selfies has been at a variety of special events in Charleston, including rehearsal dinners, weddings, island park days, school events, and more. Find out more about Sweetgrass Selfies at (of course), on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

If you have a special event coming up and would like to have a photo booth there, then give us a call. Sweetgrass Selfies is the most reasonably priced vendor in town and we have never turned down an event.

Every client has been more than pleased with our work. Check out Sweetgrass Selfies, LLC today.

Selfies… Where the fun begins!